Kyle Korver to Miss Rest of Season


As if a Game 2 loss wasn’t enough of a blow to Hawks fans, the news that broke Saturday afternoon killed their hopes and dreams. Kyle Korver will reportedly miss the remainder of the playoffs with the right ankle sprain he suffered in Game 2 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is a huge blow to the Hawks, whose offense relies heavily on the sharpshooter. Korver made his first All-Star game this season and his three point shooting makes him an X-Factor for Atlanta, as he opens up lanes for his teammates. Korver had a great regular season, shooting 49% from 3-point range. His game hasn’t been up to par in the playoffs, as he saw his shooting percentage drop to 35%. Nevertheless, this is a huge blow to the Hawks’ championship chances. Losing Korver will be a tough pill to swallow for the city of Atlanta. We wish Kyle a speedy recovery. Expect John Jenkins to perhaps see some playing time to add some three point shooting, and Kent Bazemore will likely assume his starting role.

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