Kyle Pitts well on his way to most dangerous pass catchers in NFL

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Kyle Pitts is already a bonafide superstar and garners praise from opposing players and coaches alike every time he steps on the field, quickly becoming one of the most dangerous pass catchers in the NFL. And just recently, Robert Saleh gave him one of the coolest compliments I’ve seen thus far.

“He is a create-a-player on Madden,” Saleh said via Scott Bair of the Falcons’ official website. “That’s exactly what you would look like. He’s going to be a dynamic football player for a long time. Anytime you get a chance to see just different avatars, they’re just different. When you get a chance to go up against those guys, it’s looks different, it feels different, and it elevates, and it just teaches you a few things.”

Many times, fans and analysts will characterize someone as a create-a-player on Madden, but it actually rings true with Kyle Pitts. He was literally made in a lab to play football. More so than any other tight end, Pitts was deadly on the boundary because of his remarkable combination of size and speed; he actually ranked FIRST among all WIDE RECEIVERS in yards per route run on the boundary.

Falcons veteran defensive coordinator Dean Pees has to face Pitts every day in practice, so nobody knows how difficult covering Pitts is than him.

“Ugh,” Pees said. “What is he? Is he a wide receiver, is he a tight end? The thing about him is now is, he’s blocking pretty well. It used to be, ‘hey, he’s just a wide receiver, he may be in the tight end position, but he’s just a wide receiver.’ But he’s actually blocking pretty well. So, it’s a real challenge. It’s a pain.”

And to inflate his ego even more, Pitts was likened to two of the game’s best tight ends by Pees.

“When you get a guy like (Pitts), who also can run by a DB,” Pees added. “There’s some tight ends, there’s a lot of them, (Travis) Kelce, a lot of guys in the league that are tough matchup tight ends, (Tony) Gonzalez was one. Most of the time, you’re not worried about them running by a corner. This guy can run by a corner, so that’s a real challenge.”

The former Florida Gator hauled in 68 receptions for 1,026 yards en route to his first Pro Bowl, making him the first rookie tight end to do so since Jeremy Shockey in 2002. He surpassed Tony G and Julio Jones for multiple franchise records, and it’s just the beginning. His rookie season was all talent. Kyle Pitts didn’t have any experience, so his ascent into stardom will be fast and notable when he puts it all together.

Photographer: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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