Latest NFL mock draft has Falcons trading up for quarterback of the future

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The Falcons will move in a different direction under center for the first time since 2008 after the team traded Matt Ryan to the Colts for a third-round pick. Atlanta recently signed Marcus Mariota to be the stopgap quarterback until Terry Fontenot can find the Falcons’ future. Naturally, many outlets are mocking the Falcons to select one of the quarterback prospects in next month’s draft, but Chad Reuter of put out one that is especially head-scratching.

The Falcons are currently slotted to pick 8th overall, where they’ll likely be in a position to grab a signal caller of their choosing. The only teams in need of a quarterback in front of Atlanta are the Panthers and Lions, which could present some problems if the Falcons are looking to select one from this crop. Reuter addresses this fact and has Atlanta trading multiple high-valued picks to the Texans for the third-overall pick to select Kenny Pickett.

The trade of Matt Ryan to the Colts seemed a fait accompli after Atlanta’s failed attempt to land Deshaun Watson. Picking up Marcus Mariota is a nice insurance policy, but the Falcons find their future starter by trading up for Pickett, giving up a 2023 first-round pick as well as a second- and fourth-rounder this year.

A first-, second-, and third-rounder to move up five spots seems like overkill, but the Jimmy Johnson valuation model suggests it could be close to what gets a deal done. It would depend on where in the first round the Falcons pick in 2023, which we would all expect to be in the top ten again. I’m all for trading away everything to get your guy, but this is ridiculous. Pickett costing the Falcons this much draft capital doesn’t make sense.

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