Marlins use odd marketing tactic to get fans to their final series against the Braves

Daniel young Braves

Yesterday, the Braves moved into a tie for first place with the New York Mets. Both teams now have seven games left to play, including three against each other this weekend at Truist Park. That series will give one team a significant advantage, but the job likely will not be finished. The Mets head to Washington to wrap up their season, and the Braves will play the Marlins on the road… who have used a very odd marketing tactic to get people to their ballpark for the final series of their 2022 campaign.

No, this is not fake. That is a real promotion sent out, urging Mets fans to visit their ballpark and cheer against the Braves.¬†Perhaps it’s because the Marlins have been such an irrelevant franchise for most of their existence, but I never really thought there was much of a rivalry between them and the Braves. If there is, it’s certainly one-sided.

Given how few fans typically attend baseball games in Miami, I get it to a degree. Do whatever you have to do to pack out the ballpark as much as possible for the final series of the season. With that being said, it comes off extremely desperate for a major-league organization. If the Braves were out of the division race, you’d catch me dead before I cheered for anyone else in the division, but at least this can serve as some bulletin board material for when the Braves and Marlins meet next season

Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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