Matt Ryan didn’t agree with Arthur Smith’s 2-point conversion decision

NFL: OCT 15 Commanders at Falcons

There was so much to dislike from the Falcons on Sunday. The Commanders picked Desmond Ridder off three times, one being in the endzone in one of the most bizarre and indefensible plays from an NFL quarterback I have ever seen. However, Arthur Smith has as many questions to answer this week as his quarterback.

There were multiple instances that left fans scratching their heads, but none were more polarizing than the decision to go for a two-point conversion while down a touchdown. Instead of kicking two extra points to tie the game, the Falcons went to the analytics, which said two two-point conversions were the better option to win the football game.

I’m not here to dispute the numbers. I’m here to disagree with the decision that Arthur Smith looked at Desmond Ridder and thought, “Yeah, I believe in that guy” to get us where we needed to go. The fact of the matter is Ridder isn’t a reliable quarterback in this league, and it’s inexcusable for Smith to put blind faith into a third-round pick who has less than 10 games under his belt.

Why make things harder than they need to be? That’s exactly what former Falcons quarterback and current CBS color commentator Matt Ryan said in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium booth on Sunday.

Desmond Ridder threw the game away anyway, so we never found out if the two-point conversion would come back to bite the Falcons, but it’s still a head-scratching decision for Arthur Smith to put that kind of faith in a guy who has done absolutely nothing to warrant that level of trust.

Photographer: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire


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