Matt Ryan shows his sense of humor when congratulating Tom Brady


Regardless of your fandom, the NFL world just watched the greatest player in the history of the sport retire. Tom Brady has officially announced that he is stepping away from football, which many Falcons fans are happy to see.

After all, Brady has absolutely dominated Atlanta throughout his career. In ten games, the GOAT has a perfect 10-0 record, averaging 334.1 yards per game and 8.5 yards per attempt in those matchups. His 28-4 TD-INT ratio is also nothing to turn your nose up at.

In Brady’s last matchup against the Falcons (which I attended), he finished with a 74.5% completion percentage on 51 attempts for 368 yards, four touchdowns and one interception. The victory for Tampa Bay gave the franchise their first consecutive season sweep of Atlanta since they joined the NFC South. That game was really just a microcosm of Brady’s career against the Falcons.

How can anyone forget the 28-3 Super Bowl debacle that has eternally stained the Falcons franchise. To be fair, the Tom Brady-obsessed media won’t let fans forget about that fateful day.

Until the Falcons win a Super Bowl, they’ll never get out from underneath that rain cloud. The only thing Falcons fans can do is laugh at the situation; when you laugh at yourself, it takes the enjoyment away from the people laughing at you. Follow Matt Ryan’s lead Falcons faithful:

Obviously, Ryan is referring to the Super Bowl where Brady and the Patriots completed the most incredible comeback arguably in sports history. Ryan followed up his witty crack of wishing Brady’s Super Bowl total was six instead of seven with a heartful acknowledgment of everything that makes Brady great. Congratulations to the greatest who ever played this game.


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