Mike Soroka’s postgame reaction was almost as encouraging as his performance

Soroka's postgame reaction

Mike Soroka‘s first performance last night as he attempts to return from back-to-back torn Achilles injuries is one he will likely never forget. The Maple Maddux struck out eight of the first nine batters he faced and only allowed one hit over four innings. It was a giant step in the right direction for the former Cy Young candidate, but Soroka’s postgame reaction was equally as encouraging.

No matter where you look, it was all positive vibes when it came to Mike Soroka last night. The scoreline looked outstanding, Braves scouts said it was even better than the numbers depicted, and Soroka said he felt like he could have gotten outs in the majors in his postgame press conference. He also said his sinker is the best it has ever been, which is a scary thought for future opponents.

I’ve constantly had to remind people to temper their expectations when it comes to Soroka, but admittedly, I’m having a difficult time doing so based on what I saw last night. If he looked that good without pitching in a live game in over a year, then how good might he look once he’s fully stretched out? It’s exciting to think about, but the Braves top priority remains his health. This process will not be rushed.

With that being said, I do think there is a chance we see him in Atlanta by the end of the season, and he may even sneak his way onto a postseason roster.


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