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The Braves 2021 season is not done yet, and I hope it’s not done for quite some time. However, that hasn’t stopped MLBTradeRumors from putting out their annual arb-estimation for each team. If the Braves were to choose to keep all of their arb-eligible players, 15 players would either have to accept the Braves salary proposal or proceed to arbitration as the Braves are a strict “file and trial” team. That’s not going to happen. In today’s piece, “MLB Trade Rumors Braves Arb-Estimates”, there are quite a few players who the Braves will let walk, quite a few that the Braves will definitely keep, then there are some that are true fence-straddlers and are anyone’s guess whether the Braves will let them walk or decide to keep.

Braves 15 Arb-Estimates

Adam Duvall – $9.1MM
Dansby Swanson – $10.1MM
Luke Jackson – $3.8MM
Grant Dayton – $1.2MM
Orlando Arcia – $2.1MM
Guillermo Heredia – $1.6MM
Richard Rodriguez – $3.1MM
Johan Camargo – $1.4MM
A.J. Minter – $2.1MM
Max Fried – $7.1MM
Mike Soroka – $2.8MM
Sean Newcomb – $900K
Edgar Santana – $1.0MM
Tyler Matzek – $1.5MM
Austin Riley – $4.3MM

The Goners

  • Grant Dayton: While he’s been an effective reliever when healthy, he’s hardly ever healthy and $1.2MM isn’t worth the gamble.
  • Guillermo Heredia: He’s been fun…like, really fun. He also might be 100% nuts. The Braves could try to keep Heredia around on a MILB deal, but they’re definitely not going to spend $1.6MM to bring him back.
  • Johan Camargo: Truth be told, the best thing that could happen to Gwinnett’s MVP would be if the Braves were to let him walk. At $1.4MM, I think it’s finally that time.

The Keepers

  • Dansby Swanson: Even at $10.1MM, Dansby is a no-brainer. While his bat can go ice cold, his final slash-line is chock full of good things and his glove is always solid. Unless the Braves extend him, he’ll be a free agent in 2023.
  • Luke Jackson: Luke went from a big question mark to the most solid pitcher in the Braves bullpen. Like Dansby, this will be Luke’s last hurrah unless the team extends him.
  • A.J. Minter: Minter has had some ups and downs, but the ups far outweigh the downs and the arm is elite.
  • Max Fried: Duh. EXTEND HIM NOW!
  • Mike Soroka: Even with two Achilles tears, the talent far outweighs the risk.
  • Tyler Matzek: What a gem the Braves found off the scrap-heap.
  • Austin Riley: Another extension candidate. Riley’s arb-clock starts this year, and he was granted Super 2 status, meaning he’ll get four years of arb rather than three.

The Fence-Straddlers

  • Adam Duvall: Duvall will almost certainly decline his side of the option for the 2022 season, which would only pay him $7MM total. However, the Braves can still keep Adam Duvall around as he’s arb-eligible for the last time. I’d like to say that I’m sure they keep him, but it all depends on Marcell Ozuna and who piques the interest of the Braves on the trade or free agent market.
  • Orlando Arcia: Many would keep Arcia in the goners section, but I’m not sure that’s true. With his time spent at AAA this year, the Braves gained an extra year of control over him, and he’s likely the best Dansby insurance currently in the organization.
  • Richard Rodriguez: This feels weird. In no way did I ever expect to see Rich Rod as a non-tender candidate, yet here we are. I think the Braves will re-up him, but his poor performance since the sticky stuff ban is undeniable.
  • Sean Newcomb: What an arm…this one might hurt, but it’s in both the Braves and Sean’s best interest to part ways. The arm, though….that’s the reason for hesitancy and has been these past three years.
  • Edgar Santana: Santana was a fine mid-relief arm in the Braves system, and he feels like a guy that the Braves would bring back, and with one more option after this year, that could very well happen.



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