NBA Draft: Romeo Langford is not making any excuses

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Romeo Langford was viewed as a potential top 5 pick, but his draft stock took a hit last season, despite him scoring the 5th most points of any freshman. A big reason for this was the low 3-point shooting percentage. Romeo does not want to make any excuses, but he has a valid one: he played with a cast on his thumb nearly the entire season.

Langford did not work out for the Hawks because of surgery on the finger, but he did visit with the team on Saturday at the final Pre-Draft workout of the summer. Langford’s doctor says that if he can play Summer League, it would be his first contact since the surgery. When asked whether we have seen just a fraction of what he is capable of with the lingering injury, he responded, “I don’t want to use it as an excuse, but it’s definitely something that I had to get used to playing with, especially having the cast on my thumb the whole time I was playing. That ultimately affected my shooting a lot.”

Langford will have to improve from the 27.2% he shot from 3 to live up to his full potential and be an impact player in the NBA. But if he does, he has all the tools to be a steal if he falls out of the lottery next Thursday. He describes himself as a prototypical wing that can guard and play multiple positions.

Langford said that he has received positive feedback from teams during the draft process, and described the Hawks as “up and coming” and “all about development.” When asked about the possibility of sharing a backcourt with Trae Young, he thought that would be a great experience. “Trae Young is one of the top guards in the league already after his rookie season. His ability to pass and make people better and also go out there and drop 30-40 points.”

Couldn’t agree more, Romeo.

Langford would be a great pick if he were to fall to 17, but it would not be out of reason for the Hawks to take him at 8 or 10 if they keep those picks. He has a ton of talent.

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