NBA Draft Rumor: Alex Sarr’s reps don’t want him in Atlanta

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The NBA Draft is days away, and the Hawks have worked out every top prospect in this cycle’s class except for one — Alex Sarr.

“The Hawks have been unable to bring Alex Sarr in for a workout to this point, but the door remains open for that to potentially happen,” Jonathan Givony of ESPN writes.

There may be a reason for that too. According to NBA insider Jake Fischer, Sarr’s representation (WME) is rumored to not want the 7-foot Frenchman in Atlanta.

I’m not saying it’s true or not, but at this point, it’s all conjecture. It could be true for several reasons, though.

There are murmurs that Sarr’s representatives see him as a natural 4 and with Jalen Johnson in the fold, the Hawks would seemingly slot Sarr in at the 5. Again, that’s nothing more than rumor.

From where I stand, another potential reason is organizational dysfunction. Ever since making the Eastern Conference Finals, the Hawks have been on a downward spiral, and a lot of it lands at the feet of ownership.

Whether it’s forced cost-cutting measures, forcing trades, or overruling GMs by way of his son — Hawks owner Tony Ressler hasn’t exactly made Atlanta the premier destination in the NBA.

The biggest attractions in Atlanta are Trae Young, Jalen Johnson, and Quin Snyder. Nobody is coming to play for the Hawks because of Tony Ressler, but they may not want to play for the club because of him.

I have no idea why Alex Sarr’s reps wouldn’t want him playing for the Hawks. Maybe it’s the owner, maybe it’s the perception that he isn’t a schematic fit with Jalen Johnson in the fold.

Regardless, the Hawks shouldn’t want a prospect that doesn’t want them. Unless, of course, Alex Sarr is the consensus top prospect on their board. If the second-best prospect isn’t close to him, the pick should be Alex Sarr.

Photographer: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire
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