NBA Draft Rumors: Hawks leaning towards “safe pick” at No. 1

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We are a few hours away from the NBA Draft, and no insider, not Adrian Wojnarowski, Shams Charania, or any other media pundit knows what the Hawks are going to do with the No. 1 pick. On the Pat McAfee Show today, Brian Windhorst said that he thinks the club is leaning toward the “safe pick.”

“I think that they are leaning towards Zaccharie Risacher, who is a safe pick at No.1. He is 6’9, can handle the ball a little bit, I actually think he is a really good passer,” Windhorst said. “He is not a guy that is going to come in and change the direction of a franchise, but he can come in and be a good third or fourth starter on a really good team someday and in this draft, that is pretty good.”

I wouldn’t consider Risacher the “safe pick” for the Hawks any more than Donovan Clingan or Alex Sarr because all three possess decently high floors already due to their defensive acumen. Risacher is a lengthy wing who is best at the point of attack, while Clingan and Sarr would best serve Atlanta in the paint.

As far as ceiling, I think Sarr has to be considered the top prospect here because of his 7-foot frame and potential to spread the floor and also handle the ball. Clingan could develop into a deep shooter but doesn’t project as a dynamic offensive player like Sarr. Risacher’s ideal development track is that of a premier 3-and-D wing, which every club in basketball is looking for.

To be honest, I’d say Clingan would be the safe pick because of his ability to contribute immediately and his fit with Trae Young.

Photographer: Glenn Gervot/Icon Sportswire

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