Non-tendered players the Braves could target

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Because several teams are facing financial uncertainty this offseason, the list of high-quality players that were non-tendered last week is much longer than usual. The Braves even shockingly decided to let go of Adam Duvall. They are supposedly still interested in bringing him back at a lesser price, but it’s unclear if that will be possible. Some team could easily find Duvall worth more than $5 million after he smashed 16 home runs in just 57 games last season. It’d be nice if the Braves could bring him back, but here are some other non-tendered players that might fit well in Atlanta next season.

Eddie Rosario

Like Duvall, Rosario would likely have never gotten non-tendered if this were a normal offseason. The 29-year-old outfielder hit 13 homers in 57 games for the Twins last season and smashed 32 bombs in just 137 games in 2019, finishing in the top 20 for the AL MVP award both seasons. Rosario has a slightly more consistent track record than Duvall, hitting at least 24 homers in each of the last four seasons. He also is a much better contact bat that has hit .277 over his six-year career. With the Braves outfield needing a boost, he is an affordable option that would add a lot of pop to the middle of Atlanta’s lineup.

Kyle Schwarber

With NL teams being told that they should be operating under the assumption that the DH will not be in the National League, I’m not sure Schwarber is a realistic option for the Braves. He’s much better off signing with an AL team, where his defensive deficiencies can be covered up. However, if he’s cheap enough, the Braves may consider it. Even though he only hit .188 during the Covid shortened season, Schwarber hit at least 26 home runs in each of the three years prior. That kind of power would be valuable to any team at the right price.

Archie Bradley

It was a bit surprising to see the Reds non-tender Archie Bradley after trading for him at last season’s trade deadline, but that’s just a sign of the times. The right-hander was actually terrific for the Reds after he was acquired, posting a 1.17 ERA over 7.2 innings. It’s a minuscule sample size, but Bradley has been a high-quality reliever in the majors for a while now. From 2017-2020, he posted a 2.95 ERA over 234.2 innings. The Braves bullpen was very good last season, but it can still be improved. Bringing in a veteran arm like Bradley would go a long way in making that happen.

Matt Wisler

Could a reunion be in the fold? For those who haven’t kept up with Matt Wisler’s career, he finally seemed to put it all together last season with the Twins, boasting a 1.07 ERA over 25.1 innings. Once again, it’s a petite sample size, but his 12.4 K/9 rate is encouraging, and he shouldn’t cost much at all on the open market.

David Dahl

Dahl had a forgetful 2020. Injuries limited him to just 24 games, and when he was on the field, he wasn’t productive, hitting just .183 with no home runs. However, he’s just a year removed from being an All-Star with the Rockies, finishing 2019 with an .887 OPS and 15 homers. Perhaps he could benefit from a change of scenery, and the Braves need the outfield help.

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