Offseason Recap: Braves Sign Eric Young Jr.



With Melvin Upton Jr.’s struggles in recent years, the Braves have signed OF Eric Young Jr to a one-year deal. Young will be a familiar name to many fans, as he has played with the Mets the last couple of seasons. He’s also the player you probably remember bawling when he stepped on Tim Hudson’s ankle in 2013, ending his season and his tenure with the Braves. Young Jr.’s deal was a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training, but with his major league experience and Upton Jr.’s injury, Young Jr. is poised to be the starter after a hot spring in which he has hit .323. Young Jr. can challenge Upton Jr. throughout the year and has a ton of NL East experience. He also offers the Braves a ton of speed, and this is a team that hasn’t had a true leadoff hitter since Michael Bourn. Young Jr. is the son of former Major Leaguer Eric Young and is just a few years remove from a year in which he hit .316. With 30 swipes last season, I think a player like Eric Young Jr. is a valuable add to any team and I was surprised to see that the deal was a minor league pact. I think this was a nice sneaky signing by John Hart and I really like how he has explored his options this offseason.



4 thoughts on “Offseason Recap: Braves Sign Eric Young Jr.”

  1. Melvin is a head case. Even more concerning, without his brother around to help keep him from completely exploding- he could become a locker room cancer. Young may be one of the best moves so far. Maybe not the long term answer for lead-off / center field but a quality insurance policy as a reasonable price.

  2. Harrison Coburn

    I think Melvin and Justin being seperated may be better for him, as he will no longer have to live in his brother’s shadow. Nevertheless I agree, Young Jr. is a solid player who was added for the right price and his NL East experience is valuable to this club.

  3. Harrison,
    Let’s hope you are right about the brothers being seperated being good for Melvin. I have my serious doubts however. I lived in Tampa and watched one of the best managers in baseball struggle to keep BJ Upton motivated and on track. He is a pea-brain. If he’s benched for any real peiod of time, he’s be a leper in the locker room. We’ll see how the first half of the season plays out for Melvin and lets hope a new set of faces on the squad does him some good. BTW…really like your blog! Keep up the good work.

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