Once a hometown hero, Francoeur traded to Marlins


The Atlanta Braves made another trade yesterday, making it ten trades so far this season. This one involved the former hometown star Jeff Francoeur, who was sent to Miami in a three-team deal that also involved the Texas Rangers.

The Braves received Dylan Moore, an infielding prospect from the Rangers, and Matt Foley a catching prospect from the Marlins in return. Moore was a 7th round pick in 2015 and Foley was a 40th round pick in 2015. Both of these guys are just getting their feet wet in professional baseball, and with the Braves loaded farm system, it is likely they never see the field for the major league club.

Francoeur will be heading to Miami to help replace the injured Gincarlo Stanton. Stanton has been pronounced out for the season with a groin injury, as the Marlins are in the thick of a wild card race just 1.5 games back. Once a hometown star, Francoeur’s career seem to fizzle out after a blistering start. He has  bounced around the MLB ever since being traded to the Mets in 2009. The Braves offered Frenchy a minor-league deal prior to the season, but his exceptional performance in spring training along with his attitude earned him a spot on the major league team.

This trade probably will not help any team that much. Frenchy will be a nice option for Miami, but it is hard to see them going far without Stanton. Neither of the prospects the Braves received are anything special, but this is just another case of John Coppoella getting something for basically nothing. Francoeur was not even guaranteed a roster spot, and Coppy flipped him for two prospects.

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