One Braves free agent believes chaos is coming once the lockout ends

Joc Pederson

It’s not for certain, but there’s a real chance the lockout comes to an end in the next several hours. The deadline for a new CBA before games were canceled was supposed to be yesterday at midnight. However, enough progress was made on Monday for the deadline to be pushed back to 5 PM ET today. With a bit of compromise from each side, this ongoing ordeal could finally be put to rest. Baseball will officially be back, and then — at least according to one Braves free agent — the floodgates of free agency will open.

Joc Pederson is expecting chaos once the lockout comes to an end.

This is the glass half full perspective of the entire situation. Sure, we were deprived of baseball news and rumors for an entire three months, but with that being said, the next couple of weeks will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

This will be especially true for the Braves, who were one of the quieter teams prior to the lockout. They have several decisions to make regarding their unrestricted free agents, which include Freddie Freeman, arguably the biggest name left on the market. Dominos will fall quickly, and I expect the Braves to be extraordinarily active, but I also believe the team will look much different than it did last October once the dust settles.

I’m not even sure if I’m quite prepared for all that will ensue when the lockout ends, but I’m definitely ready to watch it all unfold in real time.

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