PFF highlights strengths and weaknesses of roster and ranks Falcons’ personnel 25th in the NFL

falcons helmet 2020

The folks over at Pro Football Focus are generally unbias in their rankings, as they usually back up their positions with concrete, numerical proof. Using the PFF database, they looked at both PFF grades from the 2020 season and a more comprehensive look at each player’s career using PFF grades and statistics. Purely based on personnel, I can’t necessarily disagree with the 25th ranking the Falcons were given, but I do have a gripe to pick. Do quarterbacks mean nothing anymore? Matt Ryan is a top-10 quarterback in this league and one who can cover up small deficiencies on the roster, but there was no positional value accounted for in these rankings. Here are the roster’s strengths, weaknesses, and X-factor according to PFF:



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