Potential Jeff Teague Deals Amid Rumors


Hawks fans woke up to a juicy rumor Wednesday morning when it was reported that the front office has had discussions regarding moving Jeff Teague. An All-Star last season, Teague has struggled to find consistency this year and has had a little injury bug of late. Dennis Schroder has been receiving the minutes down the stretch during games lately, leaving the impression that Coach Bud may be ready to hand the torch over to the young German point guard. Teague’s contract expires after next season, so the the time to move him is now if that is the desire of the front office. The Knicks are among teams interested. Let’s take a look at a few potential deals that make sense for Atlanta:

Hawks Trade Jeff Teague and Justin Holiday to the Utah Jazz for Alec Burks and Trey Burke

Shoutout to Zach Lowe for this trade idea. This deal helps the team build for the future. Dennis Schroder and Alec Burks would form a nice young guard combo. Just 24 years old, Burks has a team-friendly 4-year deal that will net him around $10 million annually. If Burks can stay on the court, he can be a game-changer for the Hawks. He’s a great outside shooter and has played under former Hawks assistant Quin Snyder, who runs a similar type of system. This move allows Kyle Korver to adapt to a bench role with the team to keep him fresh as he ages and continues to shake the rust from offseason surgery. If we make this move, Burks has All-Star potential in Atlanta’s player development system. The team also gets a viable backup point guard option in Burke, the former Michigan star. This trade benefits the Jazz as they look to find a point guard who can run their offense. This deal benefits both sides and allows the Hawks to eye the future.

Hawks Trade Jeff Teague, Edy Tavares, and their 2016 1st Rounder for Joel Embiid, Isaiah Canaan

Time to find out whether this front office has some stones. Joel Embiid is still yet to log an NBA minute. Injuries are a bigger concern with big men. Embiid may be Greg Oden 2.0, but I still think he has superstar potential. The way he played the Center position at Kansas was unbelievable, and if he can get healthy he can provide the Hawks with the rebounding they so desperately seek. Al Horford’s deal expires at the end of the year, and while he’s one of the best players in franchise history, it’s no secret he is partially to blame for the rebounding woes. In his defense, it’s not his fault that he has been forced to play out of position his whole career. 7-foot Centers with star potential and rim protecting abilities don’t grow on trees. It’s a risk worth taking for a Hawks team that has had trouble recruiting during free agency in past seasons. The 76ers now have Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor, and they may look to finally put a competitive team on the court. They will have another top pick, Teague, and a ton of cap room. Canaan comes to the Hawks to backup Dennis Schroder.

Three Way Trade: Hawks Receive Tony Allen (MEM), Matt Barnes (MEM), and Jerian Grant (NYK), Knicks Receive Jeff Teague (ATL) and Justin Holiday (ATL), Grizzlies Receive Aaron Afflalo (NYK), Lamar Patterson (ATL)

The Hawks were at their best last season when they had an elite defender in Demarre Carroll playing significant minutes. The Hawks trade for Tony Allen to provide elite perimeter defense and serve as their “Lebron-stopper.” Such a move would allow the team to move Kyle Korver to the bench to keep him fresh. This gives Coach Bud the option to go with either the best three point shooter in the league or the best wing defender, or both, at any given time. Allen has a reputation for being a faulty shooter, but he’s shooting at a 38% clip from beyond the arc this year. Matt Barnes also serves as a great 3 and D option, and gives the Hawks perhaps the deepest wing depth in the NBA. Jerian Grant comes in as the backup point guard, and the next project for the team’s player development system. The Knicks get their point guard in Jeff Teague, and the Grizzlies get more offensive firepower with the addition of Afflalo. This is far from the “sexiest” trade listed, but the Hawks are currently 7th in total defense this season. Adding Tony Allen to the mix easily makes them a top 5 team defensively and allows Schroder to finally expand his game as a starter.

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