Predictably, Trae Young is becoming one of the most popular players in NBA

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Trae Young is one of the most marketable players NBA. Fans of all ages adore the young superstar, and he hasn’t even played through his rookie contract. Accruing over 6,000 points and 2,100 assists in less than four seasons has made Ice Trae one of the most recognizable stars in the Association.

Young is averaging 28 points and 9.5 assists per game this season, putting him squarely in the top three of the NBA in total points and assists — something no other player can say. This comes after the league implemented rule changes that directly targeted Young’s ability to draw fouls. Well, it seems he only took advantage of the official rules. It wasn’t that he depended on them.

Young also launched his first signature shoe — the Adidas Trae Young 1 — in multiple colorways that have flown off shelves. Anything he attaches his brand to turns to gold, particularly for the younger generation.

Young’s showmanship in Madison Square Garden in last year’s playoffs only added to his killer reputation. On the biggest stage with the brightest lights, Ice Trae dazzles. He loves the pressure and rises to the occasion regularly. Most importantly, Young loves his fans.

Young consistently praises his supporters, evident in the shoes, shooting sleeves, and autographs he gives out. And fans give that same energy back; Young’s #11 is one of the most popular jerseys in the NBA based on sales.

I expect him to be in the top ten of jersey sales for the remainder of his career, and he’ll likely make multiple appearances in the top five once the older generation of superstars — LeBron James, Steph Curry, etc. — leave the game. If you hate him, it is coming from a place of envy.

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