Realmuto talks sparking back up?


Well, it is a new year, but impatient Braves fans are getting the same rumor:

The Braves could easily go into next season with their duo of Tyler Flowers and Brian McCann, giving them some leverage in negotiations with the Fish. While Realmuto may be the best catcher in baseball, his asking price for two years of control has reportedly been way too high.

The Braves are playing the waiting game here to see if that asking price lowers. With a corner outfield vacancy still open and free agent options dwindling, it is quite obvious that they are manning the phones trying to work out some type of trade to give the team a boost.

Realmuto would be a nice addition to the team, but not at his current asking price, and I am not certain it will drop low enough to the Braves liking. However, Mish has maintained that he believes the Braves are the most likely to acquire his services, so, despite the redundancy, it is worth keeping your eyes peeled.

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