Red Lightning Will Take His Talents to the Atlanta Falcons

If you keep up with college football, you know who “Red Lightning” is. Could he possibly help Atlanta’s chances to win the Super Bowl in 2015-2016 season? Well the ball boy has announced via twitter that he is going to be apart of the Falcons organization.

Looks like Florida State might have to fill in another position with Jameis Winston in the NFL now. Obviously, Grizzile will not do anything to help the Falcons Super Bowl chances, but it is kind of cool having the biggest badass of a ball boy in your organization. If Matt Ryan connects with Julio Jones for a deep ball resulting in a touchdown, expect Grizzle to be the first person to celebrate in the end zone.

If you do not know how “Red Lightning” is, take a look at a quick “highlight reel” he has had in the past.

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