Update: Braves not in on Harper


Alex Anthopolous has talked this offseason about the dangers of going after a long-term, high dollar deal, and the Braves as an organization have historically been against these deals. On top of that, Scott Boras is likely not the ideal agent the Braves would like to negotiate with.

Despite the front the Braves are putting up, the Athletic’s David O’ Brien thinks that the Braves signing Bryce Harper is not nearly as big of a long shot as it was made out to be:

This surely is interesting news. The Braves definitely have the money to spend, with $60 million believed to be available for allocation. The Braves also have a vacancy in their outfield and could use another bat in the middle of the lineup to put this team over the top.

Braves fans may not be the biggest fans of Harper due to the rivalry through the Nationals through the years, but there is no denying he would make the Braves more of a contending team. Teams usually never win 10-year type deals of that such. However, Harper may be able to break that norm with the amount of talent he has.

In the past, Alex Anthoplous has been a ghost GM of sorts when making a big move. Usually, it has been a trade that has come out of nowhere. Could the Braves be the surprise team this offseason? The comments suggest no, but the variables suggest that it is definitely a strong possibility.


Update: David O’ Brien has clarified that this is actually false, the Braves are not in on Harper:

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