Report: Braves will talk about bringing back Suzuki


As we all know, catcher is probably the most important defensive positions in baseball. When you look at the catcher hitting stats around the league nowadays, they are weak, to say the least. However, like pitchers, we all know the importance of a good catcher and how dedicated they are to their craft.

This was likely the reasoning for the Braves opting to extend Tyler Flowers this season. This was somewhat surprising, as Kurt Suzuki had easily been better with the stick. However, we all know how much the Braves value Flowers’ pitch framing, and let’s be honest: neither of these guys is throwing out baserunners.

Nevertheless, according to Jon Heyman, the Braves will talk about bringing back Suzuki next season.

We all know how great this duo performed offensively two seasons ago, and while we knew this was likely not repeatable, Suzuki did really step up his hitting from August on. The Braves will likely take a look at Wilson Ramos and Yasmani Grandal this offseason, but if they “strike out” on these two then expect the Braves to bring back Suzuki. This would buy more time for top catcher prospect William Contreras, as Alex Jackson is not viewed as a future piece as he was just a year ago.

Suzuki has expressed interest in sticking around, so do not be surprised if he is back with the team in 2019. There are simply not many good options out there.

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