Report: Deshaun Watson torn between Falcons and Saints

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Deshaun Watson is essentially a free agent. Teams are making presentations with their owners, top executives, and coaches to convince him they’re the right choice. Because of his no-trade clause, he’ll make the final call on where he goes. At this point, it seems Watson is torn between his hometown Falcons and the ultra-competitive Saints, with New Orleans seen as the leader for him.

Regardless of which team Watson chooses, the Falcons will have a mess on their hands. If Watson returns home, Arthur Blank must answer for his actions of desperately pursuing a player with the baggage that Watson has. The front office will then have to find a suitable trade for Matt Ryan. If Watson chooses the Saints, the Falcons still must answer questions regarding their pursuit of a player with those off-the-field issues. But then they’ll have to answer to Matt Ryan, who is just sitting idly by. Either way, the Falcons have dug themselves quite the hole, and if they can’t land Watson, it’ll make them look foolish.



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