Report: Falcons discussed Matt Ryan trade, regardless of pursuing Deshaun Watson

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The Falcons first press conference since pursuing Deshaun Watson and trading away Matt Ryan happened Wednesday morning, but there wasn’t much opening up from Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot.

One important note from the presser was Fontenot’s statement that whether the team got involved in the Watson sweepstakes or not, the organization was talking about trading Ryan this offseason.

It was difficult to differentiate between typical PR answers and just bald-faced lies. I can imagine the Falcons kicked the tires on a potential Ryan trade, regardless of Watson, but they’re underselling how in they were on Watson. The entire city and organization wanted Watson desperately, even with the 22 sexual assault cases pending. The Falcons brass should just accept their thrashing from the media instead of trying to downplay how much effort they really put into pursuing Watson.



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