Report: Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank donating $17M to civil rights museum

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Chase has already written about how lucky the Falcons fanbase is to have an owner such as Arthur Blank. From that article:

Of all the things said during the introductory press conferences of new head coach Arthur Smith and general manager Terry Fontenot, the resounding respect they had for Blank and the Falcons organization stood out the most. As Albert Breer pointed out in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, Smith was courted by every team with a head coaching vacancy, but just as the Falcons favored Smith, Smith favored the Falcons based on the homework he did.

Blank is as great inside the organization as outside — even if he hasn’t yet put together a Super Bowl-winning staff. He has yet again blessed the city of Atlanta, as the billionaire owner donated $17,000,000 to help a civil rights museum expand. Blank’s family foundation announced the National Center for Civil and Human Rights contribution on Thursday, which will offer new programming. $15,000,000 will go to fund a three-story west wing at the museum educating visitors about lynching.

The rest of the donation will reportedly be to fund other projects that connect the history of racial injustice to contemporary challenges.

“The most effective way to make progress together as a community is to shine a light on the issues that exist and to then do something about them so that everyone can feel a sense of understanding and support,” Blank said in a statement.

It is just another example of how selfless the Blank family is and how lucky Atlanta is to have them. Sometimes it’s bigger than sports, and the Blanks never fail to remind us of that. I just now have to gripe that he hasn’t pushed hard enough to acquire the Braves from Liberty Media.

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