Report: Falcons to turn attention to making Matt Ryan feel wanted

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Deshaun Watson is going to Cleveland, and Atlanta once again blundered a lead late in the game. The Falcons lose out on Watson and are stuck with their hands in their pockets. It seemed like it was a done deal for Atlanta to acquire Watson, but the Browns threw a bag of money at him, and it was over. Not only did Matt Ryan handle this with total class (unlike Baker Mayfield), but he also aided the team in their pursuit of Watson by agreeing to push back a $7.5 million roster bonus.

Now, the Falcons are as irrelevant as ever. Is the plan to still trade Ryan? Not according to Ian Rapoport, who says the team will turn their attention to the veteran signal caller to make him feel wanted.

It’s hilarious to type that out. Matt Ryan should demand a trade after the way this franchise has conducted itself. The Falcons once again show they have incompetent leadership, and the buck stops with Arthur Blank. Atlanta really dug themselves a hole on this one, and I’m not sure how they’ll proceed.




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