Report: Julio Jones being ‘discussed’ as trade piece this upcoming offseason

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Jeremy Fowler, of ESPN, stated that Julio Jones has been reportedly discussed as a trade piece this offseason.

This report should not be taken lightly because Fowler is connected and respected, but even more so, it should be taken with a grain of salt. The Falcons are currently still interviewing candidates for their vacant general manager position. This report seems to completely ignore the present fact that Atlanta has nobody in the wheelhouse to even initiate or entertain trades. Sure, Rich McKay has the experience and could potentially lend an ear to potential trades – if there are any at all. But it should be done so thoroughly and objectively so the future regime has all the information presented – not just from McKay’s point of view. 

I would not substantiate these reports for this exact reason. What in the world would Arthur Blank be thinking by welcoming any personnel discussions, especially one as significant as Julio, before hiring the person paid to handle exactly that. In the article from Fowler, from an NFC executive on Julio Jones:

“I think there will be a lot of teams trying to swing trades — more sellers than buyers — because of the cap, and some big names will be available,” said the NFC exec. “I could see someone like that.”

So at this point, it is purely speculative. Fowler has inside sources that we do not, but this is irresponsible on his part. I am not saying Julio will or will not be traded, I am saying basing your opinion on this report is juvenile.

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