Report: Matt Ryan never requested a new contract from Falcons and still only netted a 3rd-rounder

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As Falcons fans deal with the fallout from the Matt Ryan trade, there are new reports that make it sting a bit more. First, compensation for Ryan was announced, which ended up being a measly third-round pick. Now, Adam Schefter is reporting that Ryan didn’t request a new contract from Atlanta.

This is important because it was previously reported that Ryan wanted a new three-year contract, which would force the Falcons to either oblige or trade him. Schefter’s report directly refutes that thought process. The truth is that Ryan wanted to be traded. The Falcons traded Ryan on a cheap deal for a single third-rounder… that is irrefutably lousy business. Terry Fontenot will have a lot of money to spend in free agency next season, but regardless of how talented of a roster he can build, all eyes will be on who he replaces Ryan with.



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