Richard Rodriguez and a promising prospect are among the Braves that were non-tendered

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The non-tender deadline for all teams was at 8:00 PM ET today, and the Braves had 13 major-leaguers that were arbitration eligible.

Among the 13 candidates, only two players were not tendered contracts — Johan Camargo and Richard Rodriguez. The Braves also decided not to tender a contract to AAA pitcher Jasseel De La Cruz.

I’m not surprised the Braves decided to let go of Camargo or Rodriguez. Camargo just hasn’t been the same guy since his 3-WAR season back in 2018, and after Atlanta brought back Arcia, there wasn’t any room for him on the roster. Rodriguez was likely a tougher decision, given the Braves gave up prospects for him at the trade deadline, but I believe the team made the right move by letting him go. The ban on spider tack clearly had an effect on his stuff, so there was no reason to take a $3 million risk to see if he could bounce back in 2022.

Im also not surprised with any of the players the Braves decided to keep. I was on the fence about Sean Newcomb, but his upside is worth it at the price of just $900k. At the very least, the Braves can find a trade suitor for him at some point during the season. Adam Duvall was the other name to watch out for, but I always thought the Braves would tender him a contract. They made the mistake of letting him go last season; there was no way they were going to make the same mistake twice. Bringing back the NL RBI leader at the price of $9.1 million is still a bargain, and we all know how much Anthopoulos loves a good bargain.

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