Hawks: 2021-2022 will be the season of Cam Reddish

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The Hawks are primed to make a run at the NBA Finals, especially with the Nets seemingly losing Kyrie Irving for the season. Health will be the most important factor for Atlanta, but I believe they have an X-Factor waiting in the wings to help propel them to a championship. If you have a keen eye for article titles, you’ll know I’m talking about how 2021-2022 will be the season of Cam Reddish.


I was at the last preseason game between the Hawks and Heat, and Reddish stole the show off of the bench. While he didn’t pace either team in any statistical category, his off-ball defense and confidence was very encouraging. Reddish was canning open threes, hustling for loose balls, and acting as an overall pest when opposing wings were trying to work off the ball. I think Reddish is a strong candidate for Most Improved Player in 2021-2022, and if he and the Hawks can stay healthy, they’ll be primed for another deep playoff run.

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