Several Braves named finalists for awards

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Like every year, several Braves are up for multiple end of season awards. Earlier this week, the Silver Slugger finalists were announced, which featured five Braves.

Of the finalists, I would say Freeman, Albies, and Riley all have fantastic chances at winning the award. I also expect Freeman and Riley to receive several MVP votes, even though there’s virtually no chance they take home the award. Duvall is the most unlikely of the five to win, and Fried is almost a lock to win his first Silver Slugger after hitting a remarkable .273 for a pitcher.

Gold Glove finalists were also announced today, which the Braves have four of.

Gold Gloves are nearly impossible to predict, so I won’t even try, but I do believe Albies is way overdue to earn his first Gold Glove, and it’s hard to imagine a better fielding pitcher than Fried.





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