Should the Hawks look to make a big-time trade with the Portland Trail Blazers?

Hawks Mock Draft

NBA Insider Chris Haynes reported that following the 2023 NBA Lottery, the third overall pick is available, and Portland will be fielding calls for it:

So how do the Hawks fit in? Well, they could look to parlay some of their pieces into the third pick to draft a volume scoring wing like Brandon Miller or Amen Thompson, or use the pick in another trade. Here’s what Haynes had to say:

Portland, in an effort to continue building a contending roster around its star Damian Lillard, is expected to make the pick available for a trade, league sources tell Bleacher Report.

The franchise is in the process of evaluating the market for the No. 3 pick as well as examining incoming rookie prospects that are attainable at No. 3, sources say.

“[The third pick] is significant,” Trail Blazers general manager Joe Cronin said. “There’s going to be some really good players at three that could be great for us or somebody else, depending on how we approach this draft.”

Lillard, the franchise’s all-time leading scorer, has communicated to the front office of his desire to bring in veteran players to facilitate a fleet turnaround from the two previous seasons of underachieving, sources say.

The Blazers could absolutely get a co-star for Lillard, but what if the market doesn’t exist for one? There aren’t many stars available at the moment, and how many of them are going to even want to go to Portland? Stars can basically hold their franchises hostage and choose their destinations.

If the Blazers want to build a competent roster, the Hawks have more than a few pieces and the fifteenth overall pick to offer them. Remember, the Hawks did beat the Miami Heat in the play-in game, so they may be closer than the average fan thinks. However, they would have to swap a few contracts to make the money work with Portland, which will be difficult. A third team may need to be involved.

So why would the Hawks do this? Well, they have a new system in place under Quin Snyder, and he may want to build the team to fit his philosophy. By freeing up some money and adding the third pick in the draft, they can do that. If Atlanta wouldn’t be sacrificing too much in terms of youth or depth, I’m all in on this trade if Portland is interested.

Photographer: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

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