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Chase Irle’s Locks

Our gambling experts took last week off for Thanksgiving, and to be honest, I needed it. After clawing my way out of an 0-6 hole to start the season, I had finally worked my way back over .500 before going winless two weeks ago. With a clear head, let’s see if we can get this ship turned around.

Penn State (-11) at Rutgers

This is a total fade of the public. My gut instinct is Penn State shouldn’t be favored by 11 against anyone, and Rutgers has actually proven to be a pretty good team. However, it looks like everyone is thinking that way. The public is hammering the Scarlet Knights, which usually means the favorite covers handily. Take the Nittany Lions.

Florida (-17.5) at Tennessee

Perhaps the Gators don’t show up in this one, but I don’t expect that to be the case in a rivalry game. Simply put, Tennessee doesn’t have the firepower to keep up with Florida.

Georgia (-35.5) vs. Vandy

As they should be, the Vandy players are fed up with the publicity stunt their program pulled by allowing a woman to be their kicker last week. It was overwhelmingly evident she had no business on the field, and on top of that, they allowed her to give a halftime speech. What a joke! Now, we are hearing several key players may not even show up for this one. Georgia probably would have been able to cover this number anyway, but now I could see them winning by 50+.

Clemson (-22.5) at Virginia Tech

This is Clemson’s last test before their showdown with Notre Dame in two weeks. They should be focused and trying to put this one away early. I like them to cover this number.

Alabama (-29.5) at LSU

Throw the rivalry out the window; LSU is simply outclassed in this matchup. Their defense won’t be able to slow down Alabama at all, and I would be surprised if they were able to get much going offensively with two freshman quarterbacks and an inexperienced group of pass-catchers. Bama wins this by 40+.

Season Record (18-23)


Jake Gordon’s Locks

2-2 last time after Florida State (allegedly) chickened out. Let’s make some money.

Georgia (-35.5) vs. Vandy

I’m with Chase, under JT Daniels — UGA looks like a new football team. Vandy won’t score much on Georgia’s defense, no matter how many starters they’re missing. Derek Mason is gone, and the team has all but quit. UGA big.

Texas A&M (-6.5) vs. Auburn

Auburn just got undressed by Alabama, and A&M is finally playing towards their potential. Does Auburn have anything left to play for? I guess we’ll find out.

Indiana (+14) vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a good football team, but I just love Tom Allen way too much. Indiana almost came back to bite Ohio State two weeks ago, so i’ll ride with them again.

Coastal Carolina (+10) vs. BYU

Hey, why not? Go Chants. I’ll throw $10 on em.

Florida (-17.5) vs. Tennessee

Tennessee STINKS. Jeremy Pruitt may be on his way out. After the Gators fell asleep and let me down against Vandy, I like them to cover here.

Season Record (28-13)

Turner Skehan’s Locks

Although it may be true all men are created equal under the Constitution, it certainly isn’t the case that all bettors are. In the world of betting, what matters isn’t some abstract sense of individual dignity and inherent value. What matters is wins and losses. Gambling unmasks the charlatans and lays bare their naked bodies before the masses to be judged without any prejudice but that of their records. Peaks and valleys may provide bettors the opportunity to voice their shameless attempts to justify or champion their current records, but time is the ultimate revealer of truth. My performance has not been up to snuff. I recognize that. But those under .500 now should pack their bags and head for the hills lest they be held accountable for the crime of fraudulence under full penalty of the law. Early records be damned, the tale of the tape speaks loudly.

Alabama (-29.5) vs. LSU

I can say, proudly, I haven’t homer’d much this year (largely because we’ve been such large favorites) — Alabama by a million.

Indiana (+14) vs. Wisconsin

Wisconsin dominated Northwestern and lost. Turning the ball over five times isn’t a recipe you’ll find in a Rachel Ray cookbook. After losing a winnable game against OSU, I expect IU to continue the comeback they began against Maryland and finish off the year strong. IU is 6-0 against the spread. Expect that to improve to 7-0.

Florida (-17.5) vs. Tennessee

I admit I am recovering from TDS. No, not Trump derangement syndrome. Tennessee derangement syndrome. My love for Jeremy Pruitt blinded me from an ugly truth, Tennessee sucks. With a shot to go back to the SEC championship, a playoff spot, and a potential Heisman in the balance, expect UF to win big. Asymmetry in motivation.

California (+9) vs. Oregon 

Cal is 0-3, 0-3 ATS. Abysmal. Oregon is 3-1. I really like what Cristobal is doing. They are big, physical and bring a new brand of football to the West Coast. However, both these teams have played relatively tight games all year. The margin will be smaller than you think. I like this for not only a cover but a backdoor. Calling my shot like the Bambino.

Texas vs. Kansas State (o51)

Points. Points. Points. Texas is 20th in the country in scoring offense. Kansas State isn’t eye cancer on offense either. Kansas State harnesses some strange Auburn-Esque energy when in Manhattan against big programs. Don’t know I like ML, but I like them to keep it close enough to ensure scoring. O51.

UL Lafayette (+2.5) vs. Appalachian State

Since Billy Napier took over ULL, they’ve rolled. Considering his name is on the menu for some high-profile head coaching positions, I expect ULL will put on a showcase and send their coach off like Rudy. Who better to beat as a send-off than an over-hyped App State? In the mid-2000’s App State killed enough major programs’ dreams to earn some respect. In 2020 they’re squandering it. Nut team. Real play: ULL ML. 

Rutgers (+11) vs. Penn State

Rutgers lost a close game to Michigan in OT, a close game to Illinois, and has two losses to OSU and Indiana. For where Rutgers was five years ago, not bad. Penn State is a disaster. Franklin is a huge disappointment. Can’t smell blood in the water. Isn’t a winner. Maybe Vandy wants him back. Hell, they probably don’t (they do). I imagine Cowherd and Klatt will recommend him for the Jets HC job next Herd segment. Then again, they like Harbaugh. Nice haircuts but bad takes. Rutgers covers.

Season Record (11-11)



Blaine Irle’s Locks

Well, we went .500 our last time out. We had some ridiculously bad beats but still hung in there. Some people (Chase) would even be happy with a .500 week, but not me. Good thing I love the board, so it’s time to bounce back.

LA tech (+1.5) at North Texas

UNT sucks; LA Tech sucks, but UNT sucks more.

TAMU (-7) at Auburn

It should be easy enough for TAMU to march into Jordan Hare and come out winning by over a touchdown. This is a high leverage game for Jimbo and his squad; I expect the Aggies to come in ready and keep their playoff hopes alive this week.

TTU (-27) vs. Kansas

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting things to change. In that case, Les Miles has been out of his gourd since 2015. Kansas is 0-8 against the spread this year, and unlike Les, I am doing the same thing again and expecting the same outcome: fade the Mad Hatter

Rutgers (+11) vs. Penn State

Another Rutgers line I can’t wrap my head around. I thought the Rutgers offense looked 10x more competent with Sitkowski under center, and I expect that to continue into this week. I am absolutely convinced people don’t watch Rutgers football, or maybe just not Penn State football? Either way, I am absolutely sure Rutgers will cover. I’ll probably sprinkle a little ML too.

Alabama (-29.5) at LSU

Want to hear a joke? LSU’s defense. That’s it, that’s the joke. Alabama’s offense will move up and down the field at will for 60 straight minutes, and there is nothing I or any other LSU fan can do about it. At least we can make some money while we suffer ):

NC State (-6.5) vs. Georgia Tech

NC State has played slightly above mediocre football all year. The good thing is, that is plenty enough to beat the Yellow Jackets by more than a touchdown.

Tulsa/Navy under 50

I already know exactly how this game between these two terrible offenses is going to go. Tulsa’s anemic offense will manage to get an early lead against a Navy defense that couldn’t make a tackle against a Pop Warner team. After that, Tulsa is shutting Navy down; I doubt they will score a point. I see this game being something like 26-3 by the end.

SJSU ML at Hawaii

This line opened at SJSU +6.5 which, makes me think the little sneaky rats in Vegas have something in store for us on Saturday. Maybe it’s the travel, I don’t know. Spartans, WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION? GAMBLE, GAMBLE, GAMBLE.

Nevada (-6.5) vs. Fresno State

I have finally watched enough west coast football this year that I have an idea for which teams are feisty. The Nevada Wolfpack is my second-feistiest team in the Mountain West behind SJSU. Give me the pack, AAAAHHHOOOOO.

Oregon (-9) at Cal

Expect Oregon to come out and crush the Golden Bears in a bounce-back game. Lay the points.

Wyoming (-18) at New Mexico

Another feisty team I love is Wyoming. More important than that is the fact that UNM is soooo bad.

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