SportsTalkATL’s Mailbag Monday: 5 Questions From You the Fans

How long before we see Jose Peraza in the Majors?

Sooner rather than later. I think Peraza makes his debut in 2015, at the very latest as a September call-up. Jace Peterson has cemented the starting second base job, but the team has been having Peraza play some outfield in recent weeks so it’s clear they’re trying to find a way to get him on the field. Peraza may not play a big role in 2015 unless there is a trade or an injury looming. However, with a strong showing for Gwinnett, he’s due a cup of tea at the very least by season’s end.

Any chance the Hawks land Marc Gasol in Free Agency?

Marc Gasol is probably the best possible player that the Hawks could land. He would provide not only steady offense, but the rim protector the Hawks have needed the last few seasons. However, Gasol has roots to Memphis and has played in Memphis his whole career. It is not unfathomable that he would leave Memphis for another team, but leaving Memphis for Atlanta seems very unlikely.

What realistic moves do you think the Braves could make at the deadline to improve the team or the farm?

It really depends on whether the Braves will be buyers or sellers at the deadline. If they are selling, they could look to move veterans such as Jason Grilli and A.J. Pierzynski in order to create playing time for younger players and bring some talent into the farm system. If the Braves are buying, I’d expect a move but I’d temper expectations. The Braves are eyeing the future, and while they are maintaining that they are trying to compete this year, they aren’t going to stray from the plan. Which means they won’t be moving young assets. ┬áJohn Hart is aggressive however, so I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Is Paul Millsap coming back to the Hawks?

Millsap has been an All-Star in both of his seasons in Atlanta. He has really flourished in the Hawks system and taken his game to the next level since arriving in Atlanta. Sure, the Hawks will call Aldridge and Gasol, but if there is nothing there it will not take long for the Hawks to reach out to Millsap. He says he wants to stay in Atlanta and keep the core together, A lot of teams will throw money at Millsap, but the Hawks will surely pay the money necessary to keep him.

How do you feel about the Hawks getting Tim Hardaway Jr.?

The biggest news of this past week is the Hawks essentially trading away the 15th pick for Knicks guard Tim Hardaway Jr. and a couple future 2nd round draft picks. I would have liked to seen the Hawks take a shot on a new guy. I really think Dekker, Portis, and Oubre would have all been good selections. However, I like the addition of Hardaway. Coach Bud really likes him and is excited for him to join the team. He can really shoot the ball, and lets face it, the Hawks were really thin on the bench when it came to scoring. Hardaway is a very nice bench add. He is also only 23 and is still developing. Who knows, the Hawks could turn him into another star.

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