SportsTalkATL’s Week 15 Predictions

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Chase Irle’s Prediction

After back-to-back losses to the Saints and Chargers, the Falcons will look to upset the playoff-bound Buccaneers. It seems to be one of those games the public thinks will be a landslide victory for Tampa, but Vegas has the game being closer as Atlanta is five-point underdogs.

The Falcons have struggled to generate any sort of rhythm on offense, and I do not think this week will be any different. If the Falcons are to win this game, there must be a concerted effort on special teams and defense to win the field position battle. Flipping the field and forcing Tom Brady to meticulously drive the length of the field is the best shot of winning this game. I still think the Tampa Bay defense is too stout for the Atlanta offense to win this game alone, the Falcons cover but do not win.

Falcons 24, Buccaneers 28

Alex Lord’s Prediction

Much like Chase, I think the Buccaneers defense is a terrible matchup for the Falcons offense. The Falcons struggle to run the ball, and even still, struggle to effectively pass the ball with pressure. Well, the Buccaneers are one of the best defenses against the run and blitz as much as any team in the league.

The Falcons will have to protect Matt Ryan against one of the league’s’ best front-sevens and establishing the run can help with that. The linebackers for the Buccaneers are fast and love reading and reacting. To use this against them, the Falcons could use simple misdirection plays to get them flowing one way to run the other way. The Falcons offense is definitely going to be the focus this week, and I have a feeling it will be another ‘Why is Dirk Koetter here?’ game.

Falcons 16, Buccaneers 27


Jake Gordon’s Prediction

Atlanta is up to 6th in the draft, please just lose out. I don’t want to win any of these last 3 games, I want Patrick Surtain II, Micah Parsons, or Trey Lance. Tampa Bay’s defense should eat Atlanta alive, and I think the Bucs *may* get a little rhythm on offense.. but this will probably be a low scoring affair. Sadly, I think Matt spends a lot of this game on his back. Tampa embarrasses their old head coach, and the Falcons take another step to 4th in the draft.

Falcons 10, Buccaneers 27


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