SportsTalkATL’s Week 6 Prediction

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Chase Irle’s Prediction

I want to believe the Falcons can show some signs of life under new head coach, Raheem Morris, but they’ve provided no reason for me to believe they will win this week. The Vikings have been playing better of late, especially defensively, and Mike Zimmer has had Matt Ryan’s number his entire career. As a head coach, Zimmer is 4-0 against the Falcons QB, and I think that continues this Sunday. Minnesota wins, as Atlanta falls to 0-6 on the season.

Falcons 20, Vikings 30

Alex Lord’s Prediction

As always with my predictions, I will compare the opposing personnel groups of each team for my reasoning. Beginning with the offensive line of the Falcons against the defensive line of the Vikings; the short answer is advantage Falcons. It is simple, the Falcons offensive line is healthy, and the Vikings defensive line is not. Staying in the trenches, analyzing the Falcons defensive line against the Vikings offensive line. The two groups are unproductive and equally matched.

Now comparing the Falcons skill positions against the Vikings linebackers and secondary. This could go two ways: if Julio is able to play, the advantage would go to Atlanta. If the opposite is true, the advantage is with the Vikings. Inversely, the young Falcons secondary is at a disadvantage against the Vikings skill players.

In short, I do not think this is the week the Falcons get their first win. I think that the Minnesota offense will control the game much as the Green Bay offense did on their way to victory.

Falcons 24, Vikings 31


Jake Gordon’s Prediction

Maybe the Falcons will come out as a wild dog, but I’m not buying it. Mike Zimmer has owned the NFC South, and will continue to do so on Sunday.

Vikings 34 Falcons 24

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