SportsTalkATL’s Week 9 Predictions

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Chase Irle’s Prediction

The Falcons have a fantastic shot at earning their third win of the season this Sunday against the Broncos, who come into this matchup 3-4. Somewhat surprisingly, Atlanta was able to put another heartbreaking defeat behind them last Thursday and come up with a victory over the Panthers on the road. That should rightfully give the fans some hope about the trajectory of this team. However, every time the Falcons seem to be building momentum, they collapse, and they usually do it in style. So I expect a close game this week, but the Falcons pull it out by a field goal this time.

Falcons 27, Broncos 24


Jake Gordon’s Prediction

The Falcons will probably continue to win meaningless games, but it still feels good to get into the win column. As detrimental as it is to draft position, Atlanta can dominate Denver’s defense. Drew Lock and Jerry Jeudy will likely have big days, but I think Atlanta squeaks this one out.

Falcons 31, Broncos 27


Alex Lord’s Prediction

Instead of my usual MO of comparing opposing position groups to decide who wins, I will widen my scope to the entire teams. Simply put, the Falcons are trending upwards, while the Broncos are trending down. Yes, they are trending down even after an incredible comeback last week against the Chargers. They are an extremely hollow team, and when tasked with containing the Falcons offense, they will show their true colors. I expect a completely one-sided affair with the Falcons offense firing on all cylinders (rushing & passing), and the defense forcing a couple of turnovers as Drew Lock’s confidence is writing checks his ability cannot cash.

Falcons 27, Broncos 17


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