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Al Horford

Evaluating every Hawks rumor leading up to the draft

It’s the time of the year were the rumor mill is running rampant. Everywhere you turn, there is a new player the Hawks are targeting …

Al Horford

Atlanta Hawks 2014-15 Awards

Defensive Player of the Year Deciding this award might be a little tougher next offseason now that Demarre Carroll is no longer with the Hawks. …

Al Horford

Top 10 Atlanta Hawks of All-Time: Number 3

  Coming in at number 3 on the list is current Atlanta Hawk, Al Horford. Atlanta selected the big man with the 3rd overall pick …

Al Horford

SportsTalkATL’s Mailbag Monday: Questions From You the Fans

  Championships are one of the hardest things to predict in sports. In my opinion, I believe all the teams have a great chance to …

Al Horford

Top Five Current Atlanta Professional Athletes: Number 4

Number 4: Al Horford   There are few players in professional sports as loyal to their city as Al Horford. The 6’10” center has been everything …

Al Horford

Breaking Down the Tiago Splitter Trade

  Size. This is what the Atlanta Hawks were lacking last season despite finishing 1st in the East and making the Eastern Conference Finals. The …

Al Horford

Is Atlanta Becoming an Attractive Free Agency Destination?

  “[There] ain’t nobody [who] would want to go there.” That is what New York Knicks Small Forward Carmelo Anthony had to say about the …

Al Horford

Best, Worst Draft Pick in Atlanta Hawks History

The beauty of the NBA Draft is that it’s a huge gamble. Anthony Bennett was drafted as the number 1 pick just a couple years …

Al Horford

A Look Inside the Eastern Conference Finals: Preview, Prediction, and More!

  The Atlanta Hawks advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1970. Atlanta will go on to face the Cleveland Cavaliers. …

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