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Travis d’Arnaud powers Braves to Game 1 victory over Marlins

If you were expecting a pitching duel in Game 1, featuring Max Fried and Sandy Alcantara, you were quickly in for a surprise, as the …

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Braves: Re-examining Freddie Freeman’s case for the Hall of Fame

At just 31-years-old and currently amid an incredible prime, forecasting something as far down the road as the Hall of Fame seems a bit senseless. …

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Braves: Previewing the NLDS

We finally made it to the series we’ve really been waiting for: the National League Division Series, a five-game series the Braves have lost eight …

dkb200101011 cin vs atl

Braves: Three pitching prospects that could be the organization’s next Ian Anderson 

Leading up to the 2017 season (the final year of the rebuild), according to the folks at FanGraphs, five of the Braves ten-best prospects at the time were …

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Suddenly, the Braves starting rotation is hot

Many may feel as if the other shoe will soon drop, as the Braves have now successfully completed back-to-back games without a complete meltdown from …

Matzek NLCS

Braves: For Tyler Matzek, success has been a long time coming

Very few pitchers ever recover from the yips or at least make it back to the majors. But despite a five-year absence from pitching in …

dkb200804010 tor vs atl

Braves: Max Fried and the bullpen save the day

Wow. That was exciting. Never in my life have I seen a postseason Game 1 that invigorating, as the Braves kicked off the Wild Card …

dkb200801015 mym vs atl

Braves: Previewing the Wild Card Series

The last time the Braves faced the Reds in the postseason was the 1995 campaign, which, save for the one just completed this past Sunday, …

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Braves: Unsung heroes that could make the difference in the playoffs

One amazing thing about the postseason in baseball that makes it more unique than any other sport is that the magic can come from anyone …

dkb191009026 stl vs atl

Braves: Which players are hot heading into the postseason?

The Braves concluded their 2020 regular season by losing three of their last four games as starting pitching struggles again popped up and the offense …

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