Mike Soroka Top-100 rank is just the beginning

Mike Soroka Top-100 rank is just the beginning

On Tuesday here at SportsTalkATL, Chase Irle relayed ESPN’s newly-released Top-100 list for the upcoming season, a ranking that featured outfielder Mike Trout at the …

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Predicting the Braves’ Opening Day Roster

It’s almost unfathomable, but two weeks from tomorrow, the Braves will take the field in Arizona on Opening Day, providing the seasons isn’t postponed due …

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Braves 2020 Position Ranks: First base

Now less than three weeks from Opening Day, our Braves 2020 Position Ranks series moves on to first base — easily the most consistently productive position for …

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Braves 2020 Position Ranks: Bullpen

We’re back already with the second post of our Braves 2020 Position Ranks series, and we still have a ways to go, so let’s get …

Braves by Position: Episode 2 - The Bullpen

Braves by Position: Episode 2 – The Bullpen

What’s up, Braves country? It’s been a while. A lot has happened in the last little bit. The Braves signed Marcell Ozuna to man a …

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Braves 2020 MLB Draft: Draft order

There’s a lot to cover regarding this year’s MLB Draft, and starting with today’s post, we here at SportsTalkATL will begin a series of columns …

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The Braves are loaded with bargains in 2020

The reality of a mid-market team can, at times, come with its fair share of frustrations. Payroll flexibility is always small, margins even smaller, and …

953180506033 giants v braves

Braves: What would the roster look like if the team never made any moves? Part 2

On Monday, I rolled out Part 1 of a three-part series meant to delve into what the Braves would look like if all of the …

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5 Braves named to FanGraphs’ Top 100 Prospect List

On Wednesday, FanGraphs released its long-awaited Top 100 Prospect List for the 2020 season. If you don’t already read their stuff, check it out; it …

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Braves: Just how far ahead are the Dodgers?

Since Tuesday evening’s blockbuster trade that sent superstar outfielder Mookie Betts and veteran starting pitcher David Price to LA, there has been a lot of …

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