dkf190430012 padres vs braves

Planning a Dream Offseason for the Braves (Part I – Housekeeping)

Braves fans, soak it up. You are World Champions. It still doesn’t feel real, and I’ve never had to do one of these pieces (Falcons, …

dkf190430012 padres vs braves

Braves: Roster breakdown, salary outlook, and extension candidates for next offseason

Even though we just started spring workouts, it’s never too early to look ahead to 2022. Perhaps ownership will open their wallets in a non-COVID …

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Alex Anthopoulos

Braves: What would it take to unload Ender Inciarte’s contract?

With the disappointing news that Liberty Media is seriously restricting Alex Anthopoulos’ budget for 2021, Atlanta has to create some salary flexibility somewhere, and Ender …

Braves free agent targets: Eddie Rosario
Atlanta Braves

Braves free-agent target: Eddie Rosario

Okay. That’s a bit better. Things are in motion, albeit in a slower motion than most would like. The MLB arbitration deadline has now passed, …

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Atlanta Braves

Should the Braves make a push for Jose Ramirez?

Things just got interesting; very interesting. After a winter of essentially next to nothing, the baseball world turned upside down in not even one day. …

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Atlanta Braves

Braves offseason trade targets: Eugenio Suarez

Alright. Let’s take a deep breath. Monday was a big day. The baseball world exploded as San Diego traded for their second ace in two …

Vaughn Grissom
Atlanta Braves

Braves: the journey of the name “Braves”

I’ve been listening to a lot of classic rock lately. It gives me a nice nostalgic rush. It’s well invited, too, with everything the world …

Braves trade deadline Yates
Atlanta Braves

Braves free agent target profile: Kirby Yates

I’ve noticed a trend lately. Over the last few seasons, the Braves’ pitching staff has flip-flopped on each end, leaving one part thriving and the …

cem200802 tex at hou005
Atlanta Braves

Braves: Remaining free agent offensive targets

It’s quiet out there today. I went out this morning to send some stuff in the mail from my eBay store. Living in a town …


Braves: New free agent targets who had their options declined

Before we start, I’m not advocating Atlanta signs every one of these guys. However, it’s surprising to see some of these options get turned down. …

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