dkb181008003 braves vs dodgers

Braves: Climbing out of the rebuild had a lot to do with Kevin Seitzer

We often analyze the improvements of players by looking at numbers across various seasons, as they are constantly evolving every year. Maybe a hitter improves …

13214060947 braves at rockies

Braves: From janitor to World Series champion, the beginning and end of the Evan Gattis story

There are the inspirational rags-to-riches stories, and then there’s the adventure of Evan Gattis, whose tale maybe didn’t quite reach the highest of peaks, but …

aav19050210 braves vs padres

Braves: Taking a look at the battle among lefty bullpen arms

The MLB season may not start for a while, but they are going to do everything in their power to make sure games are played, …

9531910090117 stl at atl

Braves: A chance to re-watch an important part of history starts tonight on ESPN

Say what you want about the Worldwide Leader in Sports and its coverage of MLB the last several years, but ESPN has now put together …

Braves by Position: Episode 2 - The Bullpen

Predicting a Braves’ expanded 29-Man roster

We still have no idea what is going to happen this season with the MLB other than that players will receive service time if no …

Will the Braves get first-half Dansby in 2020?

Braves: MLB announces plans in preparation for a shortened season

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the US, the reality of the MLB playing a shortened season has become inevitable. Despite both sides …

9531910030054 atl v stl

Former Braves Owner Bill Bartholomay passes away

Former Braves owner Bill Bartholomay passed away on Wednesday at the age of 91. A very successful figure in the insurance industry, at just age …

dkb191009026 stl vs atl

Shortened season not great news for the Braves

As of now, the MLB season won’t start until at least Mid-May, but with the way things are going, I expect that to turn into …

357170313625 pirates at braves

Braves’ prospect Corbin Clouse recovering from shoulder surgery

Sometimes with minor league prospects, injuries fall under the radar. We prepped hard for our interview with emerging prospect and 2019 draftee Kasey Kalich earlier …

ccx190305 02121atl v nyy

Braves: Are we sleeping on Ian Anderson going into 2020?

As the third-best prospect in a team’s system and a top-50 prospect in all of baseball no matter who is ranking them, it’s almost impossible …

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