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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Report: Atlanta can begin interviewing Head Coach candidates tomorrow

The news that all Falcons fans have been waiting for is here, and the coaching search should start to heat up in Atlanta. Guys like …

Arthur Smith

Falcons Head Coach Search: Arthur Smith

The Falcons’ most recent blown lead has fans once again calling for Matt Ryan‘s head. The upcoming GM/HC combo has to decide to continue to build …

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Coaching Search

Falcons: The pros and cons of Eric Bieniemy as a Head Coach

If you missed the report that Blank was focusing on Eric Bieniemy and John Dorsey as a Head Coach/General Manager pairing, check that out here. …

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Coaching Search

Falcons: Why hasn’t Eric Bieniemy been hired as a head coach yet?

In response to a report stating Arthur Blank is leaning towards a couple of candidates, we must further investigate the peculiar situation surrounding one of the rumored …

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Coaching Search

Falcons Head Coach Search: Joe Brady

Who should the Falcons hire to whip the team into Championship form? For years Arthur Blank has promised Falcons’ fans an elite, championship-caliber team. Atlanta …

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