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The Falcons coaching staff needs to come up with answers

The Atlanta Falcons are off to a disastrous start at 1-3 on the season, and things only seem to be getting worse each Sunday. Every …


Dan Quinn Needs To Go. Who Can The Falcons Get To Replace Him?

After Atlanta’s most recent humiliating loss to the Tennessee Titans at home, it seems imminent that a change in the coaching staff is coming. Dan …

ccr181216010 ari at falcons

Dan Quinn’s seat is heating up as Falcons prepare for primetime matchup

Let’s not beat around the bush here: last week’s performance against the Vikings was a total embarrassment. I don’t think anybody who watched the game …

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Atlanta Falcons: Two Preseason Storylines That Need More Attention

The Atlanta Falcons went into this 2019 offseason with some evident areas of concern to address. The most glaring being the notably flawed offensive line. …

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What is the Falcons Strategy to Success?

The 2018 season was dreadful, especially for the defense. Because of that, many assumed the franchise would go after a coveted defensive lineman in the draft …

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Are the Falcons changing their defensive scheme?

Head coach Dan Quinn is apparently unhappy with the current scheme. It is not bringing the same ferocity that he saw with the Seahawks when …

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How the Falcons offense changes under Dirk Koetter

The Atlanta Falcons moved on from offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian this offseason. Despite what Falcons fans would call two years of dismay, Sark produced notable …

dal1810200077 osu at pur

Falcons: Which draft day corner should you be most excited about?

The Falcons may have – once again – wholly ignored their lifeless defensive line through the draft. But as always, Dan Quinn made sure he …

147180929038 temple at boston college

Falcons ensure the offensive line will be a strength now and in the future

With the 14th pick in the NFL draft, the Falcons took Chris Lindstrom an offensive guard out of Boston College. Lindstrom was widely regarded as …

dbk1809060005 falcons at eagles

Falcons: What’s the future hold for Devonta Freeman?

The Falcons handed Devonta Freeman a rewarding contract extension in the summer of 2017. The deal was for five years, $41.25 million, including $22 million …

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