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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Final 2021 Mock Draft (7 Rounds)

Sadly, this is my final mock draft for the 2021 draft season. This one is my most realistic prediction of what I think will happen …

2021 NFL Draft

Falcons: Post-Free Agency 2021 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 (7 Rounds)

With Miami and San Francisco pulling off a blockbuster trade, the NFL Draft has officially been kicked into high-gear. Personally, I think the Falcons will …

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2016 nfl draft

Falcons: Grading my previous Mock Drafts vs Atlanta’s actual drafts

I’m gonna line up each of my previous archived mock drafts from SportsTalkATL and other sites to see how bad my takes were over previous …

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2021 NFL Draft

2021 Falcons Offseason Mock Draft 2.0: Trade Down (5 Rounds)

Lots of fans (myself included) are very eager to trade down. This team has a lot of holes, and while a quarterback of the future …

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2021 NFL Draft

2021 Falcons Offseason Mock Draft 1.0: Chalk (5 Rounds)

Atlanta doesn’t even have a general manager right now, so I’ll be doing my civic duty and taking over that role. Fans are pretty divided …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons Mock Draft 3.0: Trade Up Scenario (5 Rounds)

I don’t really see Atlanta trading up with as many holes as this team has, but I already did a chalk mock draft & a …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons Mock Draft 2.0: Trade Down Scenario (5 Rounds)

If you missed my¬†Falcons Mock Draft 1.0, as it stands, Atlanta is currently around the same draft range. I also have a full¬†Round 1 Mock …

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2021 nfl mock draft

Jake’s 2021 Falcons Mock Draft 1.0 (5 Rounds)

With the NFL season officially halfway over (sadly), Atlanta’s next draft feels like a do or die. After a win against the Broncos, the Falcons …

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