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Austin RIley

Braves: Waiting for a blockbuster trade at the deadline is the right move

The dust has mostly settled regarding MLB free agency. Perhaps Alex Anthopoulos has a move or two up his sleeve, like bringing back Shane Greene, …

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Alex Anthopoulos

Braves: My dream plan to salvage the 2020-2021 offseason

The MLB offseason is always exceptionally boring, and outside of signing Charlie Morton and Drew Smyly before Thanksgiving, Alex Anthopoulos has been quiet. He has …

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2021 mlb season

Braves: A trade proposal for landing Jose RamirezĀ 

Oftentimes we as fans tend to judge a team’s offseason simply by their activity regarding transactions made. As has been the case with GM Alex …

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Atlanta Braves

Should the Braves make a push for Jose Ramirez?

Things just got interesting; very interesting. After a winter of essentially next to nothing, the baseball world turned upside down in not even one day. …


Braves Acquire Jose Ramirez

  The Braves have made another move that could help boost its bullpen, acquiring Jose Ramirez for a player to be named later from the …

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