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Report: “Current thinking” is Julio Jones will be traded to the Titans for a 2nd round pick

According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, rumors around the league indicate that Julio Jones may be headed to Nashville. The current thinking in league circles …

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Falcons: Five trade packages for defensive players in a Julio Jones deal

With the news that Julio Jones requested a trade months ago, the Falcons appear to be exploring a deal out of respect for their superstar. …

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Falcons: Ranking potential trade partners in a Julio Jones deal

This is an article I was hoping I would never have to write. I can’t even begin to explain how distraught I am over the …

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Julio Jones on Undisputed: “I’m out of there [Atlanta]”

In some news that is sure to crush almost every Falcons fan, it seems like the rumors are true: Julio Jones is all but done …

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2021 NFL Draft

Falcons Report: Patriots tried to trade for the 4th overall pick and Julio Jones in a “mega deal”

It seems that the Patriots were very aggressive in the 2021 NFL Draft, and they may have tried to pull off one of the biggest …

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Falcons: Ranking five ways to clear the cap space the Falcons need without a Julio Jones trade

There’s no clear cut number for how much cap space the Falcons need to open up to sign their draft class and ensure they are …

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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Report: Peter King says “60-40 Julio Jones is traded by Labor Day”

Peter King of NBC Sports is one of the most plugged-in national reports the NFL media has. When he speaks, people tend to listen. He has been …

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Arthur Smith

Falcons: Arthur Smith discusses a potential Julio Jones trade on The Rich Eisen Show

Arthur Smith made an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show this morning, and of course, Eisen asked the burning question that is on the mind …

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Multiple reports surfacing that the Falcons are “listening to trade offers for Julio Jones”

I guess it’s that time of the offseason already, we usually don’t hit this point until a couple of weeks after the draft, but I …

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Falcons: Now is not the time to trade Julio Jones

There’s been a lot of noise this offseason surrounding a team that doesn’t even have a GM yet. Reports have surfaced that Julio Jones has …

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