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Braves: Have we seen the last of Nick Markakis?

Last night, in the 6th inning, Nick Markakis was hit on the wrist by a scorching fastball. It is not looking good for Atlanta. In …

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Braves: Is there a better option than Nick Markakis against lefties?

Nick Markakis is the never-aging ironman of the Atlanta Braves. He’s been the epitome of consistency since returning home five years ago, and one of …

aav19041816 braves vs dbacks

Bargain bin signings are allowing the Braves offense to thrive

The Braves refused to succumb to the spending frenzy that the rest of the NL East took part in. They instead chose to rely on …

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Braves: Markakis proving to be the bargain of the offseason

Despite Nick Markakis earning his first All-Star nod in 2018, the phone was not exactly ringing off the hook with interest. Markakis stayed out on …


Braves: Bringing back Nick Markakis could pay major dividends

Ken Rosenthal initially broke the news that Nick Markakis would be returning to Atlanta on a one-year deal worth $4 million in 2019, ending nearly …


Braves re-sign Nick Markakis

Finally, a move. Although, it is probably not the one many Braves fans are going to be ecstatic about. Ken Rosenthal of the Athletic reported …


Braves: Identifying 5 outfield candidates

At this past weekend’s Chop Fest, Alex Anthopoulos addressed the media about potential moves in the near future. He said a lot of things were …


Top remaining free agents for the Braves

CORNER OUTFIELDERS ADAM JONES For the first time in his career, Adam Jones has hit the free agency market. Of course, his market is not what it …


Nick Markakis seems like a favorite to return to the Braves

The Braves have to add another outfielder before the start of the season, and with every passing day, the market continues to shrink. Ken Rosenthal …


Braves: Free agent outfield options

The Braves did not issue a qualifying offer to Nick Markakis. This does not mean he will not be back, as $17.9 million would have …

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