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Falcons: Why is Arthur Smith’s offense spinning its wheels?

To say Arthur Smith’s first two games were a disappointment would be an understatement. The Falcons offense could only muster two respectable drives against the …

9532108130124 tenn v atl

Falcons run more diverse offensive personnel groupings than any other team

The Falcons ran an agonizing amount of 11 personnel last year under Dirk Koetter — 61% of offensive snaps came with three wide receivers on …

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One reason for optimism following the Braves slow start

Just when you thought things were beginning to turn around following the Braves 0-4 start, they lose two in a row in heartbreaking fashion. On …

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Arthur Smith

Falcons: Breaking down Arthur Smith’s offense

New Falcons head coach Arthur Smith was with the Titans for the better part of a decade; however, his system is unique. Working under former …

Marcell Ozuna
2020 Atlanta Braves

How does the 2020 offense stack up to the Braves’ all-time greatest?

Heading into the 2020 season, many believed the Braves lineup had a chance to be great, and for good reason. Save for a departed Josh …

dkb180905051 braves vs red sox

No surprise: The Braves offense goes silent in the playoffs

The matchup to watch leading up to this Wild Card Series against the Reds was the Braves’ bats versus the Reds’ starting pitching, and through …

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2020 MLB Postseason

Braves: Previewing the Wild Card Series

The last time the Braves faced the Reds in the postseason was the 1995 campaign, which, save for the one just completed this past Sunday, …

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The Braves offense has become an unstoppable force with Ozzie Albies

As if the Braves’ offense was not potent enough, the addition of Ozzie Albies has made it nearly unstoppable. Our own Jake Gordon mentioned it …

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2020 MLB Season

Braves: The heart of 2020’s lineup is raking at a historic pace

Think about how long the Braves’ franchise has been around and the type of hitters that have come through the organization. Players like Chipper and …

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Atlanta Falcons

Projecting the Falcons starting lineup: Offense

It almost doesn’t feel real, but we are less than two weeks away from the NFL kicking off, and despite all the concerns about COVID-19, …

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