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2021 mlb season

Braves: Pablo Sandoval added on MiLB contract, while rest of NL continues to spend 

The Braves chose quantity over quality this past weekend and capped off Sunday with their third addition in two days by signing 34-year-old infielder Pablo …

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Atlanta Braves

Examining the Braves future: The Outfield

Since the season started, I paused this series for a couple of weeks, but we still have two more position groups to look at. Today, …

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Right now, the Braves aren’t looking to add any free agent outfielders

With Nick Markakis deciding to opt-out of the 2020 season, it makes sense for the Braves to consider adding a free-agent body to their outfield …

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Adam Duvall

How will the Braves handle their outfield surplus?

While the signing of Marcell Ozuna patched up the Braves outfield as a whole, it also created many more questions, like who is going to …

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Braves: Nick Markakis may fill many roles in 2020

As a player who has accomplished quite a bit in his 14-year big league career, Nick Markakis’ contributions may not necessarily be measured or quantified …

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Are the Braves done adding to their outfield?

Early last week, the Braves announced they re-signed Nick Markakis to a one-year, $4 million contract. The ironman has been a staple in right field …

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An early look at potential Braves’ free agents: Outfielders

The outfield is my #2 need for the Braves going into this offseason. Right now, they have a ton of options, but not a lot …

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Adam Duvall

Braves: Ender Inciarte, Adam Duvall relieving some pressure off of the front office

With Austin Riley amid a mega-slump, and Nick Markakis going down for what could be the entire season – the Braves front office was beginning …

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Report: Braves are looking to trade for another outfielder

The top priority for the Braves before the July 31st deadline remains pitching. They need a couple of relievers and would benefit from adding another …

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